1080 - 12'' Wagon Wheels, Wood Hub

1080 - 12'' Wagon Wheels, Wood Hub


This 12" Solid Wood Hub Wheel is one of our smallest steam bent wagon wheels.

Small does not mean there is not quality in the construction of this wheel. The hub is solid hardwood, which can be fitted with a bronze oil soaked bushing for extra durability. Like all of our wheels, it is made with solid steam-bent hardwood construction and hardwood spokes. All of our wheels have forge shrunk steel rims, this wheel rim is 1/8".

This wheel is not only an authentic wagon wheel, it can be used to add that rustic, country, or western decor to any room or landscape.

We ship orders as soon as the wheel is made, please allow 14 - 21 days for delivery of wagon wheels. We normally ship UPS Ground Residential or Ground Commercial. If you need faster delivery, please contact us we will try to accommodate your request.

Rubber tires are also available for most of our wheels, contact us if you have questions about rubber tires.

Axles and Custom Wheels: We can make custom wheels up to 14 feet for most any project, for axles and custom wheel prices Contact Us. Custom orders, require 4-6 weeks.

We double check each order for the lowest shipping rate before we ship your order, if we find a lower shipping rate your Credit Card will be refunded the difference.

Contact Us For Shipping Discounts On FOUR (4) Or More Items.

Dimensions: 8 spokes, 12" diameter, 1" wide by 1" thick felloes


Our Price: $119.04
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