1093 - 14in Steel Wagon Wheels

1093 - 14in Steel Wagon Wheels

Steel Wagon Wheels, we make Decorative Steel Wagon Wheels and Functional Steel Wagon Wheels. Yesterdays Handmade Steel Wagon Wheels, Quality Made in the USA Today. The standard 1 inch wheel has a 1/8 inch thick tire, 5/16 spokes.

We also make our steel wheels in a 2" wide 1/4 inch thick tire, 3/8 inch spokes model on our 10", 12. 14", 18", 24", 30", and 36" steel wheels. If you are not sure which wheel you should use on your project, call us we will assist you in selecting the correct wheel. A one (1) inch bore hub can also be added to 1 inch and 2 inch size wheels. RUBBER CAN'T BE ADDED TO 2" WHEELS.

Small does not mean there is not quality in the construction of this Steel Wagon Wheel. We make Decorative Steel Wagon Wheels and Decorative Wood Wagon Wheels, handmade for rustic western and country decor. We build Steel Wagon Wheels in the following sizes, 36", 30", 24", 18",12",14", 10" and 8". Rubber can be placed on our 36", 30", 24", 18", 14" and 12" steel wagon wheels in the one (1) width


Our axles are made from Solid Square Steel Stock and machined on each end to match the wheel. We make Stub Axles to full length axles, Please Contact Us For Axle Prices.

Axles For Wheels

Some of the many uses for our Steel Wagon Wheels are garden and yard decor, functional yard carts and wagons, decorative yard cars Bar-B-Que's, and wagons.  Many companies use our steel wagon wheels for display carts for their products; from clothing stores to grocery stores you will find our carts and steel wagon wheels.

We ship orders as soon as the wheel is made, please allow 14 days for delivery of wagon wheels. We normally ship UPS Ground Residential or Ground Commercial. If you need faster delivery, please contact us we will try to accommodate your request..

We double check each order for the lowest shipping rate before we ship your order, if we find a lower shipping rate your Credit Card will be refunded the difference.

Contact Us For Shipping Discounts On FOUR (4) Or More Items.

Dimensions: 1 inch Steel Wheels 8 spokes, 1" wide, 1/8 tire, 5/16 inch spokes, 1/2" axle bore in hub, depth of bore is 1.5?, measurements may vary very slightly. 2 inch wide wheels, 1/4 thick tire, 3/8 inch spokes, 1/2 inch hub bore or 1 inch hub bore is available.


Our Price: $35.55
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1 Inch Steel Hub

2 Inch Wide Tire



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