2100 - Large Finished Pine Bucket

2100 - Large Finished Pine Bucket


Like all of our buckets, our large bucket is made of white pine with wood hoops and copper nails, or you can add Copper Bands, Metal Bands, or Metal Handle for an additional charge.

Butter Churns and Buckets

Fashion from the colonial era water buckets, these buckets are lightly sanded and stained with an oil based golden oak stain.

Yes, they can be used to put water in, they are water tight, however, if used to hold water we recommend that you use a plastic insert or coat inside with bees wax..

  • Made from solid wood, white pine
  • Kitchen Décor
  • Planters
  • Perfect in lawn wells
  • Great flower pot holders

Fasteners between the staves allow this bucket to expand and contract, without losing its sturdiness.

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We ship orders as soon as the bucket is made, however, please allow 14-21 days for delivery. If you need faster delivery, please contact us we will try to accommodate your request.

Dimensions: 13 1/2" dia. x 11" high


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