8001 - Wagon Wheel Chandeliers

8001 - Wagon Wheel Chandeliers


Wagon Wheel Chandeliers

We custom build our Wagon Wheel Chandeliers to the specifications of each customer. We are the only company in the market today that builds the wagon wheels we use for our chandeliers.

You can view other chandeliers on our web site, Click Here, or on our photo gallery Click Here.

All of our wagon wheel chandeliers have a solid wood Hub, unless a metal hub is ordered, and like all of our wheels, it is made with solid steam-bent hardwood construction and hardwood spokes. All of our wheels have forge shrunk steel rims..

Natural finished or stained, the beauty, grain and character of the wood shows. Our wheels are authentic wagon wheels, that is why our wagon wheel chandeliers add a rustic, country, or western decor to any room.

Please allow 5 - 7 weeks for delivery. We custom build our wagon wheel chandeliers in any size to fit any need or project, due to the number of variations of globes, colors, stains and fixture colors, please contact us for a quote on our wagon wheel chandeliers, Please Contact Us Click Here,

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