8002 - Full Size Wagons

8002 - Full Size Wagons

We custom build wagons and wagon wheels to our customers specifications. We can custom build any size or type of wagon, or wagon wheel.

Wagons, buggies, carriages, 25 passenger wagons, or a real full size stage coach, at Custom Wagons we can make your project come alive.

You will find our wagons, wagon wheels, and wagon wheel chandeliers in the movies, on the beach at resorts, in university theater groups, theme parks, at work in Central Park, on working wagons everywhere, our wagon wheels are even on Broadway in theaters.

Construction time will vary depending on our work load at the time of your order and can be up to six months.

To view our completed projects, Custom Wagons , CLICK HERE.

We custom build our wagons to fit any need or project, for a quote on our wagons , please Contact Us, CLICK HERE.
Or Phone: (928) 318-2410

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