6002 - Steamer Trunk

6002 - Steamer Trunk

Sorry This Product Is Temporarily Out Of Stock! The luggage of a century ago, our handmade steamer trunk captures the golden age of travel when trunks were designed to fit under the bunk of a steamship cabin. Many of the immigrants that crossed the "big pond" used handmade steamer trunks. These trunks were kept for storage when they settled in the mountains.

Makes a great storage chest for clothing, blankets, and keepsakes. A glass top turns the marvelious trunk into an unusual coffee table. Built on the line of the old handmade steamer trunks of our Kentucky ancestor's.

Brass Plated locks, catches, corners and real leather handles. Measures 30'' wide x 17'' high x 17'' deep. Trunk hardware blends function with beauty. Like all of our products, this trunk is handmade.

Our Price: $395.95

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