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Alternatively, you can contact us via Phone, Fax, or postal mail at the address and phone numbers listed on this page. Please Contact Us Before You Plain A Visit. Should you have questions concerning any of our services or products, please Contact Us.

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  1. Are all of your products solid wood?
  2. Are all of your products handmade?
  3. Do you make all of your products?
  4. Why do you require 7 -14 days to ship a product?
  5. What types of wood do you use?
  6. Where else can I purchase your products?
  7. Difference between Solid Wagon Wheels To A Spoke Wagon Wheel
  8. Is your web site secure for Online orders?
  9. What about privacy, do you sell your customers names?
  10. What if my order is damaged in shipment?
  11. What is the guarantee for your products?
  12. How do I order products on your web site?
  13. What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?

Are All Of Your Products Solid Wood?

YES, all of our products are made for 100% solid American wood. We do not use particle board or foreign wood in any of our product.

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Are All Of Your Products Handmade?

Almost all of our products are hand crafted using nothing but top quality grade wood and materials, as they have been in the past.

Do You Make All Of Your Products?

We do use other companies from time to time to create products for us. At times we use Amish craftsmen, we have found that the quality of the items that the Amish make for us more than meet our quality standards. This is especially true with wagon wheels. Due to the fact that the Amish use wagon wheels in their everyday lives, it only stands to reason that the wagon wheels they produce meet our standards. The products that are made by the Amish also help the Amish community supplement their farm income.

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Why Do You Require 7 - 28 Days To Ship A Product?

Majority of all the products we sell are hand made, while there are times that we will have an item already made, most of the time your order is not started until it is placed. This time is required to build your order and ship it. If you are concerned regarding the amount of time to create the item or items your ordering, Please Contact Us, were always happy to assist you...

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What Types Of Wood Do You Use?

We are very selective about the woods used for our customers. We only use 100% solid American wood. We do not use particle board or foreign wood in any of the hand made products. Most of our wood comes from local forest, which includes, Cedar, Southern Poplar, Ash, Hickory, and Southern Red and White Oak.

Where Else Can I Purchase Your Products?

Sorry, due to the fact that all our hand made products are custom crafted on a per order basis, these specialty products are only available Online. We do not have a store front which allows us to keep our costs down for our customers.

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Difference between Solid Wagon Wheels To A Spoke Wagon Wheel

The first wheels were solid pieces of wood, heavy, hard to make round and would wobble. The first known spoke wheels which was much lighter wheel, easier to make round and to control the wobble was around 2000 BC, it was a thousand years before an iron tire would be added to the spoke wheel. There has not been a lot of progress made in the making of wagon wheels over the years. True, with power tools and equipment we can now build the parts quicker that when the parts had to be made by hand. However, we make wagon wheels today basically the same way wagon wheels were made 150 years ago, the only difference is today we do not use a draw knife to make the spokes; we turn them on a lathe. There are a few more modern methods we use today in making wheels; however, we have tools in our shop that are over 100 years old.

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Is Your Web Site Secure For Online Orders?

All data is protected using the most advanced methods available. We take every precaution to protect our users information. When users submit sensitive information via our web site, their information is protected both Online and off-line.

When a form asks users to enter sensitive information, that information is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software in the industry - SSL. While on a secure page, the lock icon on the bottom of Web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google, becomes locked, as opposed to unlocked, or open, when you are just browsing.

While we use SSL encryption to protect sensitive information Online, we also do everything in our power to protect user-information off-line. All of our users information, not just the sensitive information mentioned above, is restricted in our offices. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job are granted access to personally identifiable information. Finally, the servers that we store personally identifiable information on are kept in a secure environment.

What About Privacy?

We never sell or furnish information to third parties unless instructed to do so by the person who gave the information. We have created a privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. You can view our complete privacy statement at Our Privacy Statement.

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What if my order is damaged in shipment?

Please notify us immediately if you have received a product damaged in shipment. Please keep all paperwork and shipping packages. At the same time, please notify the shipper of the damage.

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What Is The Guarantee For Your Products?

If there is something wrong with one of our products, just call or write us, we will find a satisfactory solution to most problems.

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How Do I Order Products On Your Web Site?

Click on web page, then click on "Store".

  • Click the photo of the product you want to purchase.
  • A new page "Product Ordering Information" opens. Here you can add the product to your shopping cart.
  • Once you have added all the products you want to purchase, click "place order" and complete the information.
  • For custom Wagon Wheel Chandelier orders, please contact us by phone or our Contact Page.

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What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept most major credit cards and PayPal securely through a secured connection. We DO NOT ACCEPT ANY PAYMENT INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE OR BY PHONE. Your payment information is extremely important to us, all PAYMENT INFORMATION IS ONLY ACCEPTED THROUGH a secured connection. We also accept checks and money orders, US only.

You can complete our Online shopping cart and print out a copy of the order, mail your check or money order with the products you want to purchase to:

Custom Wagons
P.O. Box 4421
Yuma, AZ 85366

However, if you pay by check, your order will not be shipped until your check has been processed by your bank. This can mean up to 14 business days. Should you have questions, please use our contact page, Contact Us.

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We only sell wagon wheels, cannon wheels, carriage wheels, wagon wheel chandeliers, wood buckets and wood butter churn products through the Internet. We do not have a retail store so all of our products are sold via the Internet. Please Contact Us Before You Plain A Visit. Should you have questions concerning any of our services or products, please Contact Us.

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